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How US Political Campaigns Work

December 25, 2013 Categories: Politics. No Comments

Politics in any part of the world is now taken care of like the way a new business starts and then taken care. It requires motivation, long hours of work and the desire to get into people’s heart. Lets begin with the stratergies required step-by step

Technology: These days, technology is backbone in the modern world. So, by creating a website, tweeting and blogging you become a familiar face within your county and helps you getting popular

Campaign Staff: Every social organization needs three most important positions to be filled first. They are the treasurer, fund raiser and campaign manager. Even though the first treasurer can be a family member or a trusted friend, it’s better to hire a professional so that unnecessary legal difficulties can easily be taken care of. An experienced treasurer is a boon as he will also take care of the campaign’s financial accounting and filing legally required campaign statements along with the legal difficulties. The fundraiser’s job is to raise money needed for a successful campaign. The best person to do this job is the candidate or the spouse of the candidate. The campaign manager is more like a secretary to him. His job is to run the campaign and make sure that all the campaign problems are handled immediately

The Campaign Budget: Making sure that the candidate wins requires carefully formulated budget of votes. In short, the number of votes needed to win. For that, determining the right stratergy and message for the campaign is very important. These stratergies tie directly to the candidates personal beliefs. Many times, the candidates seek office due to strong beliefs on a single issue. These issues need to be communicated to the staff directly and have frank discussions about the same. Questions need to be raised by the staff. This ensures that a proper stratergy is formed

Running the campaign: Once the three mentioned above are in place, implementing the campaign should be very easy. Revisions and changes will have to be made looking at the circumstances, but operating the campaign will be smoother and easier

Besides these, the candidate also needs to be at par with the happenings in and around the campaign. Some of the topics they need to know about are

Accounting and Budgeting: Money is the most important factor of every campaign. It’s more like a lifeline to the campaign. A lot of campaigns fall apart because of the lack of funds.

Advertising: One of the best ways to win an election is letting the world know about the good deeds done. What is the best way to show the world your talent?? Advertising is the answer. You need to be friends with the paparazzi and the media.

Local and Press relations: The more press interactions and releases you have, the more are the chances of getting elected.

Public Speaking: It’s no use if you are good at everything else but get cold feet when speaking in front of the mike. You need to be good while speaking on the podium. If necessary, take public speaking classes.

And you thought Political Campaigns were easy in US!!!… Read Full Post

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Is There Reality in Climate Change?

November 25, 2013 Categories: Environmentalism. No Comments

“Men argue. Nature acts.” ― Voltaire

Melting ice in the Arctic, Antarctica and the Mount Everest, rising sea levels in the Caribbean

Ocean and increasing number of hot days and heat waves around the world were recorded for the past year.

Massive tsunamis in Japan and Thailand that killed thousands of people. The Colorado Wildfires that burned large area of forestry. Typhoon Haiyan that devastated the Philippines and Vietnam is really eye opening.

With all these current events and proofs, will it make you think if climate change is not for real?

We will never notice until it comes our way. This is what natural disasters ad events seemingly show us that we are much responsible why they occurred and appeared. We look for explanation on certain circumstances not knowing that the answer is in ourselves. Gradually, the nature became heavily damaged, eventually scarred and effortlessly drenched into pieces. Then, climate change, evidently answered. Like the increasing number of hot days or heat wave within the year because of too much sun radiation due to the ozone layer becoming thinner in the last few years. The sea levels within the Arctic and Antarctic region recorded tremendous increase in level due to the melting glaciers.

The current events such as the tsunamis which washed away certain regions in Japan and Thailand that resulted to enormous number of casualties is really disturbing. The Colorado wildfires which from the past year recorded average damage in the forest because it is quite natural in certain area but the 2013 wildfire is very alarming because of the reported massive area affected.

The latest happening is the Super Typhoon Haiyan which is considered as one of the most powerful typhoons in the world. It devastated the Visayan Region of the Philippines. It caused big number of casualties that were never expected nor imagined to be the result. Many Filipinos were homeless, no food to eat, and no shelter to live in and helpless but hopeful.

Ever wonder why there are fewer climate occurrences in the past than today? It is because there are less people in the past that will take advantage of our mother earth than today. As the population increases through the years, the environment becomes crowded leading to destruction of the natural resources and landforms. Some are not disciplined enough to take their responsibilities and obligation to their motherland. Some pretends to be clueless about it. Some are just careless and immature.  Others just don’t care as if it’s not their concern and business anymore. Don’t think that all of these are just coincidence. This is the harsh reality.

These things serve as a wakeup call to mankind that we should act now, not tomorrow, not in the future. Find concrete and effective solutions and eventually apply them in our everyday situation in order to contribute even just a bit for the rehabilitation of our environment.  I’m sure; we don’t want our better lives we are trying to achieve today turns only into mere imagination for the next generation.… Read Full Post

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