Nanaimo, a thriving business city

Located between mountains and the ocean, Nanaimo is a 20-minute flight from downtown Vancouver or 1.35-hour ferry ride. The town is an economic hub of central and north Vancouver Island. Nanaimo features vibrant business community and has exceptional quality of life. Many businesses and companies choose Nanaimo because of cost efficiency and a various range of telecommunication services. Numerous business owners prefer this city because it provides excellent conditions to develop their companies further and build a stable and reliable reputation.

Top industries

The significant members of the community represent the following sectors: technology, manufacturing, construction, transportation, green industry, tourism, education, healthcare, retail, marine, and film. In the last couple of years, there has been a tremendous growth in building and industries are looking for new and exciting locations that provide lower costs, but beautiful surroundings. This is a reliable indicator that business is thriving here and since 2002, the business community has grown by 23%, while the population continues to increase. So far, the situation is looking good, but the official of Nanaimo are expecting even more significant expansion in the future, and people are satisfied with the conditions they find here.

Labor market

Based on many predictions, by 2041 the population of Nanaimo will increase by 32% and by 2020, its economic impact will be more than 2,000 jobs and $150 million in economic activity. By 2022 the demand for workers will reach a critical level and outgrow the labor force by 42,250 workers. These conditions will require a college diploma, trade certificate and a university degree. Considering the current situation, more than 60% of residents have some post-secondary qualifications, which provides them a better position in the market. They can meet the demands of employees, and many of them are still perfecting their skills.

The economy

The economy of Nanaimo is excellent for companies who offer highly specialized services, which are provided by a highly skilled and educated workforce. So, if you are planning to open a business here, then you have the best conditions, supported by an excellent business economy. This town will provide you with an outstanding welcome and open a world of new possibilities.

What makes Nanaimo a jewel of Canada?

Called a harbor city, Nanaimo has a lot of features to offer. These activities attract visitors to Nanaimo, where they can explore the nature, enjoy the sailing and boating and visit the rainforest waterfalls. Many tourists will find the peace on the beach and watch the ferry dock while drinking a handmade beverage. Whether you are ready to feel the ocean air or to sail the Nanaimo’s harbor, this Vancouver’s Island city is one of the best to visit while traveling this part of Canada. There is a reason why many call it a jewel of Canada; it will offer you culture, history, and a unique way of life.


Have you ever wondered what feels like to swim with seals? Well, you now have a chance to try it out. This spectacular experience will blow your mind away and connect you to nature. You can take a boat charter from the harbor and meet these playful sea animals in their natural environment. You don’t need any experience or additional gear, just bring your swimming suit. This is an excellent opportunity to explore the marine life of the city. Beautiful beaches and stunning shoreline offer you enjoyable moments.

Economy hub

This town is a large industrial, and economic hub and many companies are relocating their businesses here. It provides excellent conditions for business owners and affordable costs. There are a lot of exciting locations you can explore if you are thinking of starting your business here and you won’t have to invest a fortune. Considering the workforce, you can find a lot of skilled and educated professionals, which is one of the best features of Nanaimo. You won’t be making a mistake in choosing this city.

Cultural life

Nanaimo has a vibrant cultural life and there a lot of options to explore. You can start an artisan trail, and we recommend the Cedar Yellow Point Artisan Trail loop. There are a lot of stunning stops along the way. You will have a chance to visit a local farm, meet farmers and local growers and talk with artists who are famous for creating unique creations. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy the excellent wines, then you can embark on craft beverages and culinary tour.

Where to shop when in Nanaimo?

Small shops play an essential role in the life of Nanaimo. Many tourists who come to visit this town are thrilled with the selection they can find here. There are a lot of retailers, and you can find pretty good prices for an excellent quality of goods. If you happen to visit Nanaimo, then here are a couple of stores you should check out, and meet friendly people working there.

Flying Fish

Located on Commercial St, this a favorite place for many tourists. They have a fantastic choice of mechanizing; you can find everything, from clothing and jewelry to kitchenware and furniture. All products are high-end quality, which is surprising for an affordable price. If you are looking for a unique and an exciting gift to bring home with you, then you will definitely find something here. You can also pick a cheeky card while being here. The staff working at the store is amiable and helpful, and you can always ask for advice. The best feature of this store is its décor and ambiance, everything is warm and inviting, and no one will pressure you to buy something.

Gabriele’s Café

While staying in Nanaimo, we always encourage people to support a local economy, and this town has an excellent selection of restaurants and coffee shops. The Gabriele’s Café supports local growers, and they buy from small farms that raise their animals on open pastures. The food is delicious, and you will find the best flavors in this café. The cooks create fabulous dishes, which we are sure you will enjoy. The setting inside is stunning; it features tables made from the old Fiesta Bowling Lanes, coffee bean bags for backrest and the sign made from pallets. They also showcase local artists on the walls, and they have one entire dedicated section for growing herbs.

Huckleberry Baby Shop

If you bring your child or a baby on this trip, then you will be surprised with the Huckleberry Baby Shop. Here you will find excellent products for moms and their babies. In their selection, they have a lot of big brand names, but also a variety of local products. The newest renovation includes a tea bar, so you can take a break after you have finished shopping.