Nanaimo, a thriving business city

Located between mountains and the ocean, Nanaimo is a 20-minute flight from downtown Vancouver or 1.35-hour ferry ride. The town is an economic hub of central and north Vancouver Island. Nanaimo features vibrant business community and has exceptional quality of life. Many businesses and companies choose Nanaimo because of cost efficiency and a various range of telecommunication services. Numerous business owners prefer this city because it provides excellent conditions to develop their companies further and build a stable and reliable reputation.

Top industries

The significant members of the community represent the following sectors: technology, manufacturing, construction, transportation, green industry, tourism, education, healthcare, retail, marine, and film. In the last couple of years, there has been a tremendous growth in building and industries are looking for new and exciting locations that provide lower costs, but beautiful surroundings. This is a reliable indicator that business is thriving here and since 2002, the business community has grown by 23%, while the population continues to increase. So far, the situation is looking good, but the official of Nanaimo are expecting even more significant expansion in the future, and people are satisfied with the conditions they find here.

Labor market

Based on many predictions, by 2041 the population of Nanaimo will increase by 32% and by 2020, its economic impact will be more than 2,000 jobs and $150 million in economic activity. By 2022 the demand for workers will reach a critical level and outgrow the labor force by 42,250 workers. These conditions will require a college diploma, trade certificate and a university degree. Considering the current situation, more than 60% of residents have some post-secondary qualifications, which provides them a better position in the market. They can meet the demands of employees, and many of them are still perfecting their skills.

The economy

The economy of Nanaimo is excellent for companies who offer highly specialized services, which are provided by a highly skilled and educated workforce. So, if you are planning to open a business here, then you have the best conditions, supported by an excellent business economy. This town will provide you with an outstanding welcome and open a world of new possibilities.