Where to shop when in Nanaimo?

Small shops play an essential role in the life of Nanaimo. Many tourists who come to visit this town are thrilled with the selection they can find here. There are a lot of retailers, and you can find pretty good prices for an excellent quality of goods. If you happen to visit Nanaimo, then here are a couple of stores you should check out, and meet friendly people working there.

Flying Fish

Located on Commercial St, this a favorite place for many tourists. They have a fantastic choice of mechanizing; you can find everything, from clothing and jewelry to kitchenware and furniture. All products are high-end quality, which is surprising for an affordable price. If you are looking for a unique and an exciting gift to bring home with you, then you will definitely find something here. You can also pick a cheeky card while being here. The staff working at the store is amiable and helpful, and you can always ask for advice. The best feature of this store is its décor and ambiance, everything is warm and inviting, and no one will pressure you to buy something.

Gabriele’s Café

While staying in Nanaimo, we always encourage people to support a local economy, and this town has an excellent selection of restaurants and coffee shops. The Gabriele’s Café supports local growers, and they buy from small farms that raise their animals on open pastures. The food is delicious, and you will find the best flavors in this café. The cooks create fabulous dishes, which we are sure you will enjoy. The setting inside is stunning; it features tables made from the old Fiesta Bowling Lanes, coffee bean bags for backrest and the sign made from pallets. They also showcase local artists on the walls, and they have one entire dedicated section for growing herbs.

Huckleberry Baby Shop

If you bring your child or a baby on this trip, then you will be surprised with the Huckleberry Baby Shop. Here you will find excellent products for moms and their babies. In their selection, they have a lot of big brand names, but also a variety of local products. The newest renovation includes a tea bar, so you can take a break after you have finished shopping.